A Guide to Different Kinds of Curls

Curling your hair is a great way to get a different look. It’s really fashionable at the moment and couldn’t be better for special occasions and times when you want to do something special. We’ve got some great tips on how to recreate a variety of different curls from spiral to waves for a flirty, feminine look.

You should always start curling with clean and dry hair. If you want to get extra volume then using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer and adding mousse will make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Heat protection spray is essential if you’ll be using heat to curl your hair. Heat damage can age your hair and make it dry and brittle, plus it won’t look as shiny in your finished style.

First of all you should split your hair into three sections with the first being the crown of your head, a middle section between your temples and ears and the bottom. Secure the top two section up with clips.


If you want ringlet style curls then the first step is to separate your hair into small sections. Each section should be the size of the curl that you want to achieve.

The key to getting ringlets perfect is holding the curling iron in line with the hair (vertical) rather than sideways. This means the curl will hold better and be smoother. A small curling tong should be used to create ringlets, with no more than a 1in diameter. You can even buy curling tongs that are made for creating spiral curls.

Relaxed curls

It’s easy to create loose, relaxed curls. Curling tongs with a large barrel (over 1 in) are perfect for creating loose curls. Remember the size of the barrel will dictate the size of the curl. Loose curls can be created by doing the same as above but by holding the barrel horizontally. You can also use hair straighteners to curl your hair. Just clamp your hair with the straighteners and flick them around so that they’re rotated 180 degrees. Then run the straighteners don the length of your hair. This has a similar effect to curling ribbon with scissors.

Gentle waves

If you’d like to just wave your hair them simply using a curl definition shampoo, volumising mousse and a diffuser can work for many people, especially if they have a slight wave to their hair. Alternatively a large sized curling iron that’s held in place for just a few seconds can curl naturally straight hair.

To finish your perfect curls

To loosen your curls and make them appear more natural you can run your fingers through and separate them. Hairspray will ensure they last all day and shine spray or serum run through the ends will keep them glossy and smooth.