Great Hair Extensions

Hair extension is a great accessory that can add volume, thickness and fullness to your hair. You can you this accessory to create different hair styles that would look fashionable on you. These days you can get extensions in different colors, lengths and textures in the market which can really compliment your face and mood.

If you have extremely thin and limp hair then you can use the artificial methods of thickening and lengthening you hair. In order to obtain adequate information about hair extension, you must surely read this article.

1. Natural and human hair extensions
These extensions provide you the gratification of spotting a great look without actually growing your hair. Natural extensions are made of real human hair that is why they are far better than the synthetic and fiber quality extensions. European accessories are the best but they can really be very expensive. One great advantage of using human air accessory is that you can easily maintain them without making extra efforts.

2. Synthetic and fiber hair extensions
Fiber and synthetic attachments are much cheaper but the quality is not very good. If you do not want to spend a great amount of money on this accessory then this would be a good option for you as they are available in different textures, styles and lengths. One disadvantage of fiber hair is that they have the tendency to matt easily, especially when shampoo is applied on them. You need to really care or your fiber hair extension to get the best results.

3. Attachment hair extensions
Attachment extensions are greatly becoming popular among working ladies because it is very easy to attach them to your own hair. You need to apply some artificial liquid like glue and chemical which can damage your real hair in the long run. You must only use this method when it is highly essential for you.

4. Using Weaves or Wefts
If you are using the weave and weft method then you have to first braid small portions of your own hair. After the braiding is completed the extension is sewn into it. For this method you can either use natural or fiber hair extensions. Weaves and wefts would only look good on those people who have thick hair because a lot of your natural hair is used for braiding.

Well these are some different hair accessories which you can easily select according to your style and face cut.