Hair Colour Techniques

Many people colour their hair at home, using hair colour techniques handed down from their mothers. Moms usually know what they’re talking about, but they don’t always keep up with the latest products on the market. Never stop learning, if you want to stay on top of the newest trends. Here are some pointers on how to get the best out of your hair colour, whether at home or the salon.

Consider Your Skin Tones

Always remember that your skin tone and hair colour work together. If they don’t, you’ll end up with dark circles under your eyes, or you’ll look washed out or sick. Consult with your hair care professional if you aren’t sure what to do.


If your natural hair colour is already nice and just needs some tweaking, you may consider just a highlight. They look especially good with two different shades, woven in with your natural hair colour. For a more dramatic look, have one of the highlights several shades lighter. If you put more of the highlights around your face, it will make your complexion look brighter and healthier.


Another treatment is a semi permanent hair colour. This will shine your hair up while leaving some of the variations of colour in your hair. It colours all of your hair at the same amount, so darker hair will still be darker and lighter hair will still be lighter. In addition, the semi permanent nature of it will cause it to wash out over a period of time, so you don’t end up with roots showing.

Pamper Yourself

One of the nicest things to do for your hair is to have a gloss treatment added to your hair. Usually done in the salon, a gloss treatment is done after you’ve had it coloured. It makes your hair shinier and healthier looking, as well as enhancing the colour. You’ll have to touch up the roots every 2 or 3 months to keep the look fresh.

Keep it Simple

You may want to use a semi permanent hair colour. This will also shine up your hair and brighten the highlights. As it grows out, you don’t have to worry about touching up the roots, because it gradually washes out after about a dozen washes.

Tips of the Trade

There are some pretty good techniques that make Hair Colorant easier.

If you’re doing your own colour, rub Vaseline all around your hairline before you get started. This will keep the dye from staining your skin. You can remove the Vaseline with a creamy skin cleanser. If you get some of the dye on your skin, after all, remove it with an alcohol toner.

Grey hair is usually coarser than the rest of your hair, and resistant to hair dye. You may want to try a semi permanent dye close to your natural colour.

Colouring your hair can improve your looks and your self image. Do your research, and enjoy your new hair colour.