Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipes

A hair conditioner is a term that means more than one thing.

The first and foremost purpose of it is to moisturize the hair and the scalp. Due to external influences and also internal body reactions (hormones, stress…), the skin on our head reacts differently. The most common reaction is dryness.

In homemade hair conditioners, ingredients like avocado and olive oil act as humectants. They trap in the moisture and keep it locked so that the hair shaft can receive the moisture it needs.

Combining them with natural hair care products also is a great way to help and restore damaged hair. It coats the shaft and protects it, infusing it with nourishing elements that help its resilience and shine.

Nourishing hair conditioner is specifically used for dry hair and dry scalp. It has oils that don’t leave a greasy residue, but still provide enough moisture for hair to shine and look healthy.

You could always choose to buy a shampoo, but there are homemade recipes that are cheaper to make and all natural. Oily hair shampoo and conditioner target the excess oil that causes the hair to become oily. On the other side, there are dry hair shampoo recipes which restore the moisture and prevent dry, flaky skin of the scalp.

They are often used as detanglers, coating the hair shaft with polymers that prevent it from sticking together and tangling up.

The best conditioner is the one that give the best results when used on your hair. There is no way to tell the specific hair conditioner will be “the one”. You need to try them and see which one fits you best.