Natural Hair Dye Vs Chemical Dyes

If you are the one using chemicals to dye your hairs, it's time to give a second thought to it. Natural hair dye is made from natural sources and so no side effects or health hazard are associated with it. On the other hand, in chemical dyes, harmful … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Dyes Safer Than Chemical Dyes

If you're still dying your hair with harmful chemical dyes, you might want to think about changing to natural hair dyes. Recent studies have found a strong link between regular hair dye usage and the development of disease. One study, published in … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Dye

Hair Dye for younger look Every single woman on this planet wants to look simply ravishing and catch hold off as many complements as she can in her kitty. No one wants to get old or accept the aging effects like wrinkles, loose skin or gray hairs … [Read more...]

Natural Products to Color White Hair

If you are spending hundreds of dollars per month in trying to color your white or gray hair, then you no longer have to worry about wasting your money! Coloring white or gray hair is an ongoing process, and it can often cost up to $200 when you are … [Read more...]

Choosing Natural Hair Dye

Did you know that nearly 10% of consumers now use natural hair dye to color their hair? The hair coloring market captures a little over one billion dollars a year from consumers wanting to change their hair color or cover the gray that inevitably … [Read more...]