Natural Color Treatments For Your Hair

If you are struggling with coloring your white or gray hair, then it is important that you know that there are natural treatment options available to you. You may be sick of spending so much time and money in coloring your hair, only to feel like … [Read more...]

Types of Hair Coloring Products

The differences between different types of hair coloring products is vast and should be thoroughly understood prior to coloring hair. Permanent, semi permanent, natural semi permanent vegetable are the three main types of hair dyes. Additional … [Read more...]

All About Henna Color

I started using natural henna color as part of my effort to move towards more natural methods of hair care. What Is Henna? Henna is a plant that grows in hot, dry climates. The leaves are harvested and dried and made into powder. This powder, … [Read more...]

Henna Hair Color

If you're looking for a natural alternative to chemical hair dyes, you may want to consider henna hair color. Widely known as a dye used to create body art, this plant-based dye has long been used as a hair dye in India, Rome and Spain for centuries … [Read more...]

Homemade Hair Dye

Commercial coloring products can be harder on the hair than homemade hair dye. The chemicals in hair dye can cause allergic reactions or even hair dye allergies which for some people can even land them in the emergency room! So, for those of us … [Read more...]