Beat Your Dry Damaged Hair

When people have problems with their hair, they automatically look for shop bought hair care products, conditioners and treatments. However, did you know that there are some homemade remedies which you can easily create, which can often work ten … [Read more...]

Honey & Cinnamon Therapy

The health benefits of honey are well documented but yet not many people know about the true medicinal value of honey. Honey is useful as an antimicrobial agent and antioxidant. The benefits of honey like many foods depends on its quality, but in … [Read more...]

DIY Hair Masks

Hair is one of the most important esthetical elements of a look. It can make your entire appearance seem like a ray of sunshine, or on the contrary, it can make you pass unnoticed wherever you go. In order for your hair to be at its best, you need to … [Read more...]

Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipes

A hair conditioner is a term that means more than one thing. The first and foremost purpose of it is to moisturize the hair and the scalp. Due to external influences and also internal body reactions (hormones, stress...), the skin on our head … [Read more...]

Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Simple, but very effective method to make your hair look good relates to homemade hair mask of brown bread. In addition, the mask improves the skin of your head and deals with dandruff. It is suitable for all hair types. Take half of a loaf of brown … [Read more...]