Get Big Hair – Super Style

For those feeling enslaved to their hair straighteners the end is in sight - that's right, big hair?is back! With celebrities like Beyonce and Cheryl Cole showcasing big and bouncy locks, high volume hair is now definitely back in style. It's a … [Read more...]

How to get curly hair

Curly hair?is always a good look. It's quite common for girls with straight hair to try out curls now and then and vice versa. It can totally transform how somebody looks. In the eighties curls took off and just kept getting bigger. They were even … [Read more...]

Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Do you want a fabulously straight hair without the damage caused by hair straighteners? Ceramic hair straighteners are the answer you've been looking for. These can straighten your hair as well as protect it from possible damage that other hair … [Read more...]

Corioliss Hair Straightener

For the purpose of reviewing the Corioliss products, we will look at two of their top end hair straighteners. Both are world class products and choosing between them can be difficult. Their professional flat iron is one of the best hair … [Read more...]

GHD Gold Series Hair Straighteners

The brand GHD have been around for more than ten years now. They have established a reputation as the world's leading brand of hair straighteners. Over the past two years, their mark 4 styler have proved to be a hit with hairdressers and clients … [Read more...]